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There are some women who are mini-Martha Stewarts. No craft project is too much for them! They have the patience of a saint! They will not only DIY their invitations, but their menu programs, make 1,000 paper flowers for their centerpieces and make the damn cake too. I admire these women. I am not one […]

To most people, a budget honeymoon would mean going to a nearby city or beach for a “mini-moon”. First of all, I dislike the term “mini-moon”. I understand that a full blown honeymoon is not going to be practical for all couples, and a MM (I can’t stand typing it out any longer) may be […]

I have to admit I’m not feeling terribly inspired this week.  I guess it might be because my brain is still in vacation mode, and the upcoming three day weekend doesn’t help things. I decided to go back to Target’s website to see if there were any neat items I missed when I did my […]

I am pretty frugal by nature. But there are a few things in life worth spending extra for. A really good bra. I am blessed in the breast region, so this means that it can be difficult to find a bra that will actually fit me. Last December I went to Coup De Foudre in […]



I’m not sure if I have any regular viewers at this point, but regardless, I’m off to Roanoke, VA for a few days, to spend time with the boy’s family. I’ll be back on Thursday of next week and hopefully with some non-wedding related ideas for a change! 🙂 (photo of the Roanoke Star by blackcorduroy @ […]

I would likely order my dress from Once Wed. They have a sizeable collection of dresses, from Vera Wang to David’s Bridal at amazing discount prices. Unfortunately some of the dresses are so tempting, especially this one. So gorgeous, but so over my budget. The dresses I’ve included below are all less than a thousand […]

A small part of my job is planning our yearly events, a picnic in the summer and a holiday party in December. This has given me some experience working with local vendors. While I got no credit for it, I have chosen the location for our last two holiday parties, and have worked closely with […]