Martha, Martha, Martha


The other day I saw a commercial announcing Martha Stewart’s wedding line at Wal-Mart. I have to admit that I mostly purchase food from Wal-Mart (the Super Wal-Mart in Fredericksburg is my all-time favorite), as I don’t think they’re as fashionable as Target or Michael’s for crafting, so this was a lovely discovery. I clicked over to their website and found a whole host of neat stuff, and apparently there’s a bunch more in stores! So if you’re like me and have three or four Wal-Marts to choose from in your area, there should be quite a large selection to choose from.

Lighted Eyelet Garland, which would look great above a candy buffet or over the guest book table.

Her famous tissue pom-poms if you have the patience to put them together. I think I could do a few, but I would probably lose my mind if I had to make 200.

Bell Patterned Fan Programs If you’re having an outdoor wedding, these are a stylish way to keep your guests cool.

This sweet Just Married sign that you could hang in the reception or on the back of your car.

Glitter Photo Mat Set for adorning the tables with photos of you and your groom, or to pay tribute to those who will be unable to attend your ceremony.


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