A Mall Wedding


I’ve been on a bit of a wedding inspiration board kick here lately. I am working on an Ikea inspiration board (got the ’09 catalog on Tuesday!) and other design boards as well that aren’t wedding related.

Since I’ve covered the two largest discount chains in America, I thought I’d do the first “Mall Wedding” inspiration board. I’m planning on doing another one with  mall reception decor ideas, but wedding attire was an easy first choice. It was a bit harder to stay “budget” while mall shopping, but I think I came in on target.

I’m not going to comment on every piece in the board, as if you are really interested in any particular one, you can click on the board and there is a link of the websites they products are from on the side. This time I will focus on my favorite pieces.


The last dress in the first row is from Forever 21, which is a really great resource for bridesmaids dresses as most of dresses on their website are under $40! I love these pink patent shoes from Payless. Unfortunately I am far too clutzy to wear such a high heel, but I think they would look amazing with a short wedding dress. The second dress in the second row is from BCBG. Not usually a first stop when one is looking to stay on a budget, but the cost of this dress is $380, meaning if you were planning on using it as your wedding dress, you would be spending far less than the average bride.

I hate that most people think they HAVE to get their wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses from a bridal salon. Says who? Sure, there are services like alterations that are offered at salons that you would not get if you bought your gown off the rack, but how many of us get our daily wear clothes altered? With bridesmaids dresses especially, odds are that your girls will be able to find a dress that fits them just fine off the rack. As for the bride, alterations will probably be necessary, but unless you live in the middle of nowhere, it’s not difficult to find a good seamstress. I’m not saying that I won’t visit bridal salons when I try on dresses, I want to just for the experience, but it doesn’t hurt to have a plan B.


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