Date Saved


I’m the first to admit that Save the Date cards are not a necessary expense, but I enjoy the formality, so unless our budget is super tight, I will likely be sending them out. I have to admit that invitations are important to me as the dress or flowers are to other brides, so we will likely be going the letterpress route for our invitations, so we’re going to want something less formal (read: much less expensive!) for our STDs. I’m not a fan of matchy-matchyness. I don’t think your STD needs to match your invitation in any way. In fact I think that’s pretty boring. Your STDs will arrive in your guests hands months before your invitations, so who says they have to match?

What appeals to me the most about STDs is the announcing of the engagement, which is why I really want to include a photo with them, either on the card or in the envelope. This way family and friends that haven’t seen us in awhile can get an updated look at us, and since a lot of my family probably won’t be able to make it since they live on the other side of the country, at least they can see what the man I’m marrying looks like!

I used three companies for for these budget-friendly STDs, with Joceybella Invites and Wedding Paper Divas creating all but the bottom invitation, which was created by Invitation Consultants. I am a full on Wedding Paper Divas fangirl, so some part of our suite will come from this company. Most inexpensive invitations are unfashionable or just flat out ugly, so I appreciate a company that believes style doesn’t have to come at a high price.

My favorite of the bunch is in the second row on the right. I love the white orchid design and of course the pink & green. I would go with the invitation above it if we have a wedding later in the fall, because the darker shades of pink & green lend themselves to a wedding later in the year. Not that I really believe that seasonal color palette crap, but I know that those shades of green and pink would just look better in a late fall wedding.

I know some of the more DIY brides would gocco or design their own STDs, but while I do think the gocco is one of the coolest DIY inventions ever, I also know myself. I am not a patient person. I would go cuckoo bananas if I tried to use it, and to be frank, the price (in the neighborhood of $300 for machine and supplies, not including paper) does not add up to a bargain to me. I also put a high price on my sanity, so there’s that too. I’m not saying I won’t DIY any part of our wedding, but when I do, I will incorporate the help of the boy and my best friend, who have far more patience than I do.


3 Responses to “Date Saved”

  1. We would be honored to have you as a customer. Thanks for mentioning us in your blog.

    Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. very pretty options. i like the black and white graphic print on the left.

    STDs are one of those things i wish i’d done. at the time i thought i had to send hotel info with them…instead of just the basic card telling ppl to “save the date” duh….

    i allowed too much time to pass and now there is no time for that. time to pound out the invitations.

  3. 3 budgetbeautiful

    Some people do include a lot of info with their STD’s, but those are usually for destination weddings. Most people just put their names, date and city they’re getting married in, which does make it seem like a silly expense, but what can I say, I LOVE PAPER. 🙂

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