I make money on the internet!


Okay, not a lot of money, but I still make a bit of extra pocket change. My mother is very much Queen Bargain Hunter. She is very much all about saving money. We went to Target together last weekend and I spent a lot. She bought a few things, and then at the register whipped out her coupons and promptly saved $15 off her total. Sure, she has a lot more free time than I do to research things, and belongs to several websites where you can earn money. Most of them suck. I’ve been a member at memolink.com for almost eight months and I have earned less than $5.00. You may have 10,000 points, but it doesn’t translate into much money.

I’ve been a member at Mypoints for the same period of time and have earned $60 in gift cards. They send you e-mails daily. By clicking on an offer, you get five points. They’ll send you surveys, and you can earn 50 points, but the best way to earn points is just by shopping online. You must visit the website through the Mypoints site to get your points! Every time I buy my contacts, I get 500 points. I got a good deal on flowers for my mother on Mother’s Day. Another 500 points! You redeem your points with gift cards, so far I’ve gotten them from Target and Barnes & Noble. This way I have guilt free spending money.

Through Mypoints I’ve joined up with a few book clubs, such as QPB. I earn over a thousand points for joining up, and after I read the books, I sell them on amazon.com for a profit. I sell a lot on amazon, as ebay is not the best venue for selling books, DVDS, CDs and other items. All but one of my items that I’ve put up have sold within three days. You also don’t have to deal with Paypal, your account is set up directly with Amazon and they will deposit your funds directly into your bank account. So far this year I’ve made about $200 selling books and other items. If you haven’t touched it in a year, why let it gather dust in your house? Get rid of it and use the money for something pleasurable.


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