Affordable Letterpress


I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but there are affordable letterpress options out there. I should say that while I pride myself in finding good budget options, I can’t kid myself and say that letterpress, at even bargain prices, is a good deal, when compared to flat printing, because letterpress is so labor intensive, the cost must be higher. Letterpress is not for everyone, and I know this. I fully know that I should spend my money on something else, but I can’t help it. I love paper, and I will also be looking at the invitation for the rest of my life, as I’m planning on framing it and hanging it in our new home.

The first company I’m going to highlight is Ephemera Custom Letterpress. They are first on my list and as soon as the diamond is on my finger, I’m going to contact them to see if they would be available to do our invitation suite. What I love about this site, is that the pricing is right there plain as day. Often with letterpess you get the feeling that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it! For our invitations, we’ll be in the $800 range, but that includes the invitation, reply card, and a printed reply envelope. I know some of the hard core budget girls are shaking their head at the price, but trust me, IT’S EXCELLENT. And my mad budget skills in other areas of the wedding are going to allow me to splurge on invitations. Below are some of my favorite invitation suites that Ephemera has done.

The next company I want to highlight is Invited Ink. Their prices are very reasonable as well. Even though I’ve promised myself that I will go the less expensive route with my save the dates, these are gorgeous and less than $300! These are not my colors, but are so stylish and would be great for a fall or winter wedding. Letterpress can be truly affordable, because I’m going to buy a set of these to write notes to my grandmother in Utah and to my lovely boy.

If anyone has any reccomendations for any other budget friendly letterpress studios, I would love the information!


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