Centerpieces with minimal flowers


Flowers can suck a large portion of your wedding budget. Centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnières, etc. etc. Thankfully I’m not a fan of the large, over the top centerpieces that seem to be at lot of weddings these days, especially at “platinum weddings” which overdo just about everything to the point of being ostentatious. I do love flowers, but I’m of the less is more school, so while I am planning on using flowers in some of the centerpieces, others tables will likely have none. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of matchy-matchy anything, so I would likely use a couple of these ideas.

Lanterns have been popular over the last couple years as a floral replacement. At $12 each, they’re not exactly a bargain if you’re going to use them on 20 tables, but if you’re having a smaller wedding, they would work well. They would cast such a lovely glow on your guests. These pepermint centerpieces are a bit kitsch, but would work well at a winter wedding. I love the use of piled favors as a centerpiece, or just simple baskets of fruit. Tapered candles are so classic (and inexpensive), and you could use a variety of colors on different tables. My absolute favorite idea in this board is the doiley luminaries. They are DIY, but are not so difficult that I think I could take them on. I love the idea of using those and small bowls filled with a larger flower like a peony or dahlia as a floral accent.

All the photos in the last row incporporate candles and minimal floral. I love the look of one or two roses in a small bud vase. The tea cannister look has been done, but I can’t help that I still really love it. The birdcage might be a bit too pricy, but it couldn’t hurt looking at flea markets to find a variety of different birdcages to use at different tables, and then set them on a pillar with simple wildflowers underneath.


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