Vintage Engagement Rings


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (or so the song goes) but not always a boy’s best friend.  I know that I’m guilty for falling in love with a Tiffany or Cartier ring, but I am not looking to start married life in debt, so my real life expectations are much lower. In reality, I don’t want a $7,000 ring. I’d be so nervous that I’d lose it or it would fall off my finger.  I’d rather have a ring on the lower end of the price scale, and since I have small hands, a smaller ring would work well on my “princess hands” as the boy calls them. I’d also really love to have a vintage ring, or even a “vintage looking” ring. I do love the classic solitares that you can find in just about any jewelry store, but I can’t deny that I would like to have a ring that showed off a bit of my personality.

All of the rings pictured below are less than $2,000. This was a difficult price point to stick to, as most of the rings at Fay Cullen are fabulous, and have a price tag to match. Two grand might be a bit much for some people, but for me it’s a realistic price point, especially for a vintage ring.

The least expensive ring is the Victorian Engagement ring, third from the left in the bottom row. It’s $750, and I think very dainty and perfect for a bride who wants something a little different without breaking the bank. My favorite ring is the one directly next to it, the Art Deco ring which features a diamond center and rubies surrounding it. It’s $1,430, so coming in a few hundred dollars less than the two thousand budgeted. I love the design of this ring, and it fits me to a T as the rubies take on a pinkish-red hue, and pink is my favorite color. The problems I have with the ring are that it’s gold, and I am not a fan of gold jewelry. I’d also have to get a wedding band custom made for it, as it is an odd size. And that band would have to be gold. If it was white gold or platinum, I’d have my sweetie buy this ring right now, but as it stands I think I’m going to have to think about it.

My second favorite ring is the first one in the second row. It’s white gold and I love the circular design, but I’d rather the small diamonds around it be a colored precious stone. This one is also a lot closer to the $2,000 mark, coming in at $1,800, and I’d also have to get a custom made band for it as it is a unique shape.

I’m not certain the route we’ll go. I may just end up getting a standard solitare at a discount jeweler, or we may get something custom-made. I have a bit of time to think about it, but if I can’t get that diamond and rubies ring out of my mind (and that ring has been on my mind since I laid eyes on it), we may just have to go ahead and get it, gold band be damned!


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