A Target Wedding 2


I have to admit I’m not feeling terribly inspired this week.  I guess it might be because my brain is still in vacation mode, and the upcoming three day weekend doesn’t help things.

I decided to go back to Target’s website to see if there were any neat items I missed when I did my first board about a month ago. I found a few neat things, fitting in with a white/black/odd splash of color here and there theme.

I like this wedding dress, although it’s really a top and a skirt. I would probably not wear them together, instead putting the top with an A-line skirt, which flatters me more than this…what the hell is that, a trumpet skirt? I don’t know. Anyway, the dress that I chose for a bridesmaids dress is not typical at all, which is why I LOVE it. I think it would look so sassy paired with the shoes in this board.

The petite wedding band starts at $199. That can’t be beat, and since I have stubby little sausage fingers, it’s best not to make them look even fatter with a fat wedding band.

As for accessories, I love the candle holder, it’s very different than anything I’ve ever seen before, and best of all, it’s on sale for $10, so you could grab a few to use as centerpieces (perhaps with a flower or two placed on the bottom of the bowl) and still come in under budget.


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