“Budget” Honeymoons


To most people, a budget honeymoon would mean going to a nearby city or beach for a “mini-moon”. First of all, I dislike the term “mini-moon”. I understand that a full blown honeymoon is not going to be practical for all couples, and a MM (I can’t stand typing it out any longer) may be the only option.  Just because you can only go away for a long weekend or a few days longer than that, it can still be considered your honeymoon. You don’t have to go away for 10 days for your trip to be considered a honeymoon. Some couples do the MM because they’re planning on doing a big trip later on, and that’s fair enough, but I don’t really consider a trip taken a year after the wedding ceremony to be a honeymoon, more of an anniversary trip. But hey, that’s just my opinion, I don’t want to get anyone’s knickers in a twist. With a bit of planning you can have a spectactular wedding and a honeymoon to match. We’re budgeting a fair chunk of change for our honeymoon, mainly because we both love to travel and an exciting trip after the wedding is more important to us than spending that money on flowers or other things for the wedding that will just be tossed out afterwards.

We’ve already decided that as soon as we are engaged (meaning ring on the finger, I already feel like we’re engaged, we’re both ready to be married) we’re going to pick our honeymoon destination and start paying for it so we’re not overwhelmed with a large bill right before the wedding. There are so many options. Sunning our pathetically pale bodies on a beach. Going somewhere more adventerous, possibly to Europe or beyond. It’s a bit overwhelming to pick a place.

I belong to Costco, so one of the first steps will be contacting their travel agency to see what they can do for us. They have a wide variety of options available, so we’ll give them the dates we want to travel and go from there. I’m not even going to tell them particular places we want to go, just the dollar figure we want to spend and see what they come up with. That’s kind of exciting, as we may end up going somewhere we hadn’t considered before.

I’m also trying to convince the boy that a Disney honeymoon would be a viable option. I want to go mainly because I am a huge Disneyworld nerd, and I haven’t been in almost four years, and also because my parents went to Disneyland for their honeymoon almost forty years ago, so I think it would be neat if we went to a Disney park as well. I’m more interested in a Disney Cruise, since it will allow us to visit the parks and the Bahamas as well. It’s win/win, but the only bad part of this honeymoon is other people’s kids. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a child hater. I get along well with most kids. But do I really want to be surrounded by them on my honeymoon? Not really sure on that.

I’ve never been a fan of guided tours, but Intrepid Tours seems very interesting, and an option to those parts of the world where I wouldn’t feel comfortable traveling solo for whatever reason, a serious cultural barrier, or if the country has social problems. Their tours are not seeing the world through a bus window, but like having a local with you to show you the ropes. North India Highlights would be a great trip and would fit our budget. Land of The Rising Sun would be at the absolute tip-top of our budget but wow, what a trip. Bohemia & Beyond is another option to see the cities of Europe that I haven’t managed to get to yet, mainly Berlin, Venice and strange as it may sound, Krakow. I am a ginormous WWII nerd and so Poland is home to some sites that I’ve always wanted to see. Lastly there’s Rhythms of the South which is a tour of Argentina and Brazil, at muy bueno prices. I could spend all day on Intrepid’s site planning imaginary vacations.

I have a few more honeymoon ideas, but I’ll save those for another post.


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