DIY that won’t make you want to K-I-L-L yourself.


There are some women who are mini-Martha Stewarts. No craft project is too much for them! They have the patience of a saint! They will not only DIY their invitations, but their menu programs, make 1,000 paper flowers for their centerpieces and make the damn cake too.

I admire these women. I am not one of them. I have never been particularly crafty. My sister got the artistic gene from my father and the crafty gene from my mother. I got the impatient gene from both of them.  In theory I would love to gocco my invitations, but I know that I am far too much of a perfectionist to do so. I would end up throwing the gocco out the window. I do kid myself from time to time, I have tried to start knitting, beading, and cross-stitching at various points in my life, but all practices have been abandoned. Latch hook rugs were the only projects I ever finished, pretty much because they are idiot proof.

I do want to DIY some aspects of the wedding, so I went on the hunt for a few projects that would keep my urge to kill at a low level.

I LOVE this paper chandelier. Sure, technically it’s a Halloween craft, but who cares? It’s black and it’s GLITTERY, so that’s a win-win combination.  I love the way these lanterns are grouped together over the cake table. And they’re pink, so that is a plus. I used to play with transfers when I was small, so I think even I could pull off these adorable “Thank You” transfers, and if I get a better printer, the chair sign and the bottle label.

I am on the look-out for more low kill level DIY projects, so I will make another post on this topic at some point in the future.


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