Matching expectation with budget.


Yesterday the boy and I went engagement ring shopping. While I was looking forward to it on the one hand, I was dreading it on the other. I dislike high pressure sales tactics that I often have felt at when shopping for jewelry and other high ticket items. I’m not the type to waste salespeople’s time. When I buy a car, before I step into the showroom, I have it narrowed down to one or two models. I’m there to test drive them, pick one and I buy it then. I know not everyone is like that, but it’s just how I am, because I HATE sales pressure. The boy says he feels that the salespeople are reaching for his wallet, and I have to agree.

I tried on a few different rings at a couple different shops, just to get an idea of what our budget could get us. I tried on a lovely ring at Zales that was a bit over the budget and not totally my style.  Well, the first ring I tried on was $9,000, so I learned after that to tell the salesperson our budget right  up front! We stopped of at Helzberger last, and while the sales person was a bit more high pressure than at Zales, she did take the time to explain to us what we should be looking for in a diamond, and we even got to look at the ring under a gemscope so I could see the slight flaw on the diamond.

When I say THE ring, I mean it. I fell in love! Not only does it have a vintage style that I love, it is a wedding set and fits our budget. Sure, I could go to more stores and fall in love with more rings, but I have a hard enough time making up my mind as it is. Yes, I may find a ring I love more, but why torture myself? I get distracted by the pretty and fall in love with nearly all the rings. I can’t help it, I love sparkly things.

For me it’s not only about loving the ring, but loving the price. Sure, I could get a bigger ring for less money, but it’s about quality, not quantity for me. I’d rather have a smaller diamond that was cut well and had fewer flaws than a larger, less impressive diamond. It’s all about getting the most for your money. The saleswoman wrote down all the information for the boy so he can go back and get exactly what I want. I know it’s less romantic to go with him and to know exactly what ring I’m getting, but I am not the type of girl that likes surprises, and while my boy is wonderful in so many ways, he would be a deer in headlights in a jewelry store alone. He would fall victim to the sales tactics and end up buying me an expensive ring that I did not love. I figure I’m doing him a favor. He can surprise me with the proposal.


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