Thoughts on budget and expectations


Today I decided to bite the bullet and e-mail Glen Echo Park to get an idea of their space rental fees. I’m hoping it will not be budget busting, but I figure it’s better to find out now then before I fall further in love with the idea of getting married there. The other day I found a collection of photos of the park from the 20’s at, and they offer reproduction prints of photos for $15, so I was going to have them all printed out and placed at the reception. I need a reality check. If the site rental fee is out of our budget, then I need to let go of the dream before it becomes even more painful. I’m hoping it won’t be that much. I am willing to pay more for the site, and scrimp on other things. I’m already okay with the thought of self-catering or having BBQ or other types of “carnival” food, and doing a lot of the floral arrangement ourselves.

I’m not a believer that just because it’s “your day!” that you should go into debt. Will I be happy if we don’t get married at Glen Echo? Of course I will. I’m so happy I’ve found the love of my life and the man I want to get married to, I’d be happy if we got married just about anywhere. I figure if we can’t get married there, we can always do our engagement photo shoot there. So many brides feel that if things aren’t “perfect” that their day will be ruined. It’s all the “wedding industry complex” feeding into bride’s brains and making them cuckoo bananas.

None of it matters in the end. You don’t need to go into debt to have a wonderful wedding. You don’t have to feed into your relatives or friends who try to claim ownership over your wedding and try to bully you into changing what you want. Luckily my parents and the boys parents are anything but pushy. They will be there to ask for advice (and hopefully a bit of money) but would never dream of telling us how to have our big day.

As the reality of “omfg I’m getting married!” hits closer to home, reality of how much this wedding is going to cost us is hitting closer to home. I’m not saying you can’t spend money on your wedding day. Do what’s right for you. If I could afford it, I would surely have a wedding of the type that is featured on some of the more high end wedding websites and magazines. But I don’t. I can incorporate some of those ideas into my big day, but I surely don’t feel that because I can’t have a $5,000 dress or a $2,000 cake that my day, and our love is any less worthy.


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