Short Dress Bride Part Two


Since one of the most read posts on my blog was the previous short dress bride post, I thought I’d make a sequel. As I said previously, short dresses are not only fashionable and a bit of a throwback to earlier times, but they often cost a great deal less than a traditional bridal gown, and you can buy them straight off the rack.

The more I think about it, the less sure I am if I will end up being a short dress bride, mainly because I’m now questioning what exactly I want to do for the wedding. I’ll spare whinging that for another post, but here is a new batch of short dresses.

My favorite of this bunch is the second dress in the first row. It’s a BCBG dress and retails for $398. I adore the detailing on the top of the dress and also along the bottom of the skirt. It would look loveling with a crinoline underneath. My second favorite dress is the last in the first row. Unfortunately the link from Polyvore isn’t accurate, but the dress is Lauren by Ralph Lauren and can be purchased at Macy’s for the wow-bang price of $210!

Most of the rest of the dresses come from Jessica McClintock. I’d remembered seeing their ads in Seventeen and YM magazines when I was younger, and thought they mostly catered to young girls for prom dresses. That is part of their business, but I was surprised to see that they have a wide variety of dresses for cocktail and other events and they’re pretty stylish and well priced to boot.


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