Budget vs. Expectations Part Three


Sometimes I go into my happy denial place. I look at wedding venues and think “Oh hey, we can afford that!” Then I get a swift wake-up call when I hear back from two vendors and hear that their room minimum for food and booze is more than what I was planning on spending for the ENTIRE WEDDING.

I e-mailed Glen Echo Park last week asking about avalibility and pricing for our wedding next year. No response. E-mailed them again on Tuesday. Still no response. I feel better now, though since I’ve e-mailed a few other vendors to no response, so it’s probably just not them that’s incompetent, but it boggles the mind. I have dealt with enough hotels to know that they have sales assistants who could easily answer all those e-mails. Don’t you people want my buisness?!  I also know that they prefer to get you on the phone, where they bullshit you for about twenty minutes before they finally get to the gist, that no, they’re not available, or hahahaha, your budget comes nowhere close to what we’re going to charge you!

So, I probably will call Glen Echo to see what their prices are. I still think they will be crazy out of our budget, since everything in DC seems to be. There are options, yes. Most of them are tacky hotels, but there is the rare art gallery space that could work, but we’d have to bring everything in ourselves. I’m looking outside of the area, closer to where Jeremy’s family lives in Virginia, and closer to where my parents live in Maryland. I e-mailed The American Visonary Arts Museum in Baltimore, as I’ve planned a work party there at my old job, and I know and love the space. The coordinator there is also pretty together. I know they would be at the top of our budget, but it would still be less than what they charge in DC.

When I talked to the boy about my frustrations last night, he reminded me that we have time. We don’t have a date nailed down (mainly because I think it’s silly to pick a date before finding a venue) but we are looking to get married between September and November of next year. But when I see people who already have their venues booked for 2010, I start to get itchy and fidgety. I don’t want to miss out on somewhere great because the trend these days is to have a year or even a two year long engagement.

I have seen too many weddings on the internet that were done for not much money but looked like a million dollars to know that I can pull this off. The perfect venue is out there, I know it. It’s just the delicate process of finding somewhere that fits our budgets and fits my vision for the wedding is what’s stressing me out.


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