Etsy bits n’ bobs


Yesterday we bought our wedding rings. We’re doing things a bit unconventionally, as most couples buy them close to the wedding date, but we got my ring, and since the boy was approved for credit with the jeweler, we figured we might as well get them in one go. I’ll have my ring on Saturday, so this means I will be offically engaged. No fancy proposal here, but I wasn’t really expecting one. We both knew that we wanted to get married from pretty early on. He says he’ll still propose, so I’m excited to see what he does.

So, now that this is HAPPENING FOR REAL, I’ve decided to focus on the fun aspects of planning instead of the headachey budget stuff, at least for today. Last night I went to Etsy looking for stationery, since that is one of my favorite aspects of any weddings. I knew I wanted to send cards to my girls asking them to be my bridesmaids, so I found these gorgeous cards which fit the bill.

I was debating doing away with the save the dates alltogether since they are not a necessity. I was thinking about doing a photo card at some place like Target or Wal-Mart, but I found several cards on Etsy that I liked that fit the budget, so we may go that direction.

-I love the simple design of the Lenae card, although I would change the background color.
-If we were to choose this nifty calendar STD, we would pick the postcard option, that way we could save on postage.
This pink and orage STD is the front runner. Pink is my favorite color. Orange is the boy’s favorite color, so these colors will work well, and would fit the budget too.

I only got about halfway through the STD’s available on Etsy, so I think I have a long road ahead of me before I finally make up my mind. Luckily it’s looking like we’ll be getting married in November 2009, so we’ll have time to find exactly what we want.


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