Make your own wedding organizer


Last night the boy stayed over and we watched season 2 of Dexter while I went through my pile of wedding magazines and started to narrow down the vision for our day. As I was flipping through the pile, I saw an ad for a wedding organizer. I’m the type of person that needs to have things in front of me, so a lot of the online tools just won’t work for me.

I looked online to find the lowest priced organizer. There is the ever so hip Russell + Hazel organizer. The organized bride. The adorable Mindy Weiss planner.

All of the planners are functional and attractive, but I just cannot see spending that kind of money for something I could easily make myself. There are lots of checklists and other wedding templates that you can download for free. I wouldn’t really bother with the ones from Martha Stewart or Real Simple. They’re nice, but not as involved for the overly detailed among us like myself. I downloaded nearly every template that Russell + Hazel has on their site. They are very detailed and work well for me.

Then I got a 2″ binder and some Avery Big Tab dividers and went to town. I tried to keep things simple so I didn’t have 450 tabs. A tab for each vendor, attire for the brides, maids, and groomsmen, etc. I’m hoping that this will suit me well, but we’ll see. I have a feeling it might get too big too quickly. Luckily I am putting all my inspiration photos in plastic inserts, so once those decisions have been made I can remove them from the binder.

It’s funny, but this “first step” makes me feel a bit more grounded. I’m still not ready to tackle the tricky budget stuff yet, but I will have to in another week or so after we corner ask our parents what their contribution will be to the wedding fund.


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  1. 1 colombiancoffee

    You should check out places like Marshalls and TJ Max. They often have books and planners that are nicely discounted. I got my wedding planner there for about $7.00

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