Invitation Speculation


I care about invitations and the paper products at weddings the way most brides care about flowers. I like flowers, but I honestly don’t care what I get on the day. Invitations and save the dates, on the other hand, stress me out, because I like so many of them, and I know I’m going to have a hell of a time making up my mind.

Last weekend we were over at the future in-law’s house and they showed us his cousin’s STD, which was DIY and featured a photo of the happy couple. Now the boy only wants a STD with our photo on it. I tend to agree, as we’ll be sending these to relatives and friends who haven’t seen us in awhile, but then I’ve fallen in love with so many STD’s that don’t feature photos. When I was showing him some I’d found, his response was “Okay, that’s nice, but where does the picture go?”

I’m also pondering if we should go through the expense of having engagement photos. I really like the idea, and one photographer I’m considering includes the shoot in her package, but if I end up going with a photographer that doesn’t, we will probably just have one of our friends shoot the photos and tweak them in Photoshop. Guess I need to learn the trick where it makes you look like you weigh 20 lbs. lighter, huh?

Anyway, below are some of my current favorite STDs. I change my mind so frequently that I will probably not order the cards until weeks before we’re going to send them out, that way I won’t worry about not being happy with what I’ve chosen.


My two favorites are the second invitation in the first row, which is from Minted. I love the flourish around the photo and the font (I am a font Queen!) The card doesn’t come in our colors, but I like these, so it’s not the end of the world. We were also toying with the idea of getting two sets of cards if we really can’t make up our minds. Send the photo cards to the people we haven’t seen in awhile, and the other variety to our closer friends. I dread the day when I actually have to make up mind and order the wedding stationery.


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