Insurance and Thank Yous


Yesterday my boss told me a story of a woman that works at our firm that has a $25,000 engagement ring. She took it off to wash her hands, and forgot to put it back on. She realized as soon as she returned to her office, she realized it was gone, so she went back to the bathroom. It was gone. Of course she was totally devastated, but she had insurance on the ring, so it was replaced. This story made me check my renter’s insurance policy to see what the coverage was. I grew bored of the legalese, so I just called. I was told I did have an allowance, but it was not large enough to cover my ring. It was suggested to open a new policy for my ring.

The agent (I have State Farm, for the record) told me to e-mail her my appraisal and she’d get back to me with a policy quote, and she did. The insurance cost me $30 for a year. Now if I drop my ring down the toilet and don’t realize until after I’ve flushed, I won’t have to cry for long.

Today I got my first engagement card from my Great Aunt Vi (real name Violetta, she’s from my Italian/Sicilian side of the family). I LOVE my Aunt Vi, and wanted to send her a nice Thank You note. Unfortunately all the notes I have are a free set when I subscribed to Real Simple magazine. Lame. Since I know that I will have to say many Thank You’s in the months to come, I figured now was as good a time as any to start looking for Thank You notes.

These gorgeous letterpress notes are almost too precious to use. I’d have to save those for the really special presents people.

The boy’s parents are also parents to two sassy Dachshunds, so these notes are very appropriate.

I’m very excited for my new last name. Not that I don’t love my current last name, but I always have to spell it and people get it wrong. My new last name is very simple, so that’s why I love these monogramed Thank You notes.

These are simple, pink and $10. Can’t beat that.

My close family and friends would not be surprised at all if I sent these Hello Kitty cards. I have Hello Kitty checks, placemats and even a Hello Kitty contact lens case. Yes, I need help.

It’s so difficult to make up my mind, when I like so many different things.


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