Wedding Trends That I Hate


I’ve always loved weddings, and I’ve always loved to hate certain things about weddings. We won’t even talk about the increased prices for everything regarding a wedding, but then there are the trends that are pushed on brides, from color schemes to items at your wedding that everyone says you “should” have. I’ve been planning a rant on this for awhile, but I preface it by saying I mean no harm if you are including any of these trends in your own wedding. I firmly believe every bride has the right to her own vision-and frankly anyone that challenges her on it can go f*** themselves. That said, I stand by my opinions.

My #1 Most Hated Wedding Trend: Anything chocolate brown. I am SO OVER this color being used in weddings. I particularly hate the Tiffany blue/brown and pink/brown color schemes. If I have one rule for my wedding is that there will be no brown in the decor or invitations. I don’t want my wedding to look dated in twenty years, and I feel that these color schemes will have people cringing the way that feathered hair and large shoulder pads from the 80’s make us laugh today.

#2-Two dress brides. I understand the desire to have the big poufy dress for the ceremony and something more breathable for the reception, but why not find this in one dress? If you can afford two dresses, go for it, but I will be a one dress bride.

#3-Choreographed First Dances. I have no desire to make an ass out of myself in front of my friends and family. My fiance just discovered this trend yesterday and he told me I had to go to Youtube to look at some videos. I don’t need to look in order to know that they’re LAME.

#4-The need to overpersonalize everything in a wedding. I believe you should make your wedding your own, but do you really need monogramed coasters, matches, napkins, aisle runners, etc. etc.? It’s okay to buy some “generic” items that other people will also use at their weddings. That way if you have extra items, you can pass them onto a friend or family member when they get married. Anything overpersonalized is only destined for the trash.

I will stop my list there as I am feeling cranky today and I don’t want to offend anyone.


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