Two Items From My Checklist


Considering I’ve only been engaged for one week, I think I’m progressing fairly. I sent these lovely cards to the girls that I wanted to be my bridesmaids and maid of honor. All of them responded that they would be a part of my day and that they loved the cards. So I have my bridal party down, my best friend Nicole, my older sister Erin and my dear friend from Arizona, Michele. This works out perfectly as the boy wants to have his two brothers and his best friend (who I frankly can’t stand, but I can’t tell him he can’t be in the wedding) so we will have an even amount of three attendants on each side.

We also have decided on our honeymoon. We will be taking a Dinsey Cruise. We’ll be doing the land/sea option so we can visit the parks and go on a cruise. It’s win/win as it’s the far most reasonable honeymoon we’ve looked at. Hopefully our wedding will be on November 14th of next year, as we can leave the next day for our honeymoon! I’ve always liked that, I don’t want to go back to work for a week and then leave for the honeymoon. No thanks! If you’re interested in taking a Disney honeymoon, I highly suggest taking a look at the Disboards, as Disney people are very in depth with their conversations and you will have questions answered there that you hadn’t even thought of!

Disney also has a honeymoon registry. I know some people think they’re tacky, but the boy and I are not those people. If they can help us take even a little bit off the cost of our honeymoon, it’s worth it to us.


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