Quite Possibly The Dress & Cuckoo Bananas Brides


If you’ve spent any time at all on any of the the more practical wedding planning sites, you’d know that bridesmaids dresses are a wonderful alternative for those of us who have no desire to pay five figures plus for our wedding dresses. I’ve been a fan of Jenny Yoo’s for awhile now. I love her wedding alternatives collection. You can mix and match to find a wonderful dress at an affordable price. The other day I happened upon her bridesmaids collection, and more importantly, Charlotte. The color of the dress on the site does not do her justice (and I’m not just saying that because it’s brown). I saw it in The Knot magazine in Wine, and wow, is it lovely. I’m not sure if I’m quite brave enough to wear a dress that color at my wedding, but thankfully it does come in ivory. As shown (with the Audrey dress) the outfit is a bit over $500. Luckily you can mix and match, so I can always pair it with another dress at a lower price.

There are so many lovely dresses in Jenny’s collection, that I think there’s a fair chance I might end up in one of them. I also might use the dress as an excuse to take one of those cheapie buses from DC to NYC to visit her showroom.

Earlier I was watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride on WE, the home of Bridezillas and Platinum Weddings, those shows we hate to admit we watch. I actually don’t watch Bridezillas because it makes me angry. Just because you’re getting married does not give you an excuse to be a total raging bitch. These kind of shows make all brides look bad.

Anyway, the bride on the episode I was watching had a terrible case of the “It’s my Special Day!” I’m not saying that your wedding is not a very special day, but it’s not “Your Day!” It’s not all about you! The girl kept saying “It’s my wedding! My day! I’LL SPEND AS MUCH AS I WANT!” Finally her fiance said “It’s our wedding, and our money you’re spending.” A wedding does not give you an excuse to go into debt, and to have absolutely everything your little heart desires. It’s about realizing what’s important to you, and getting it, and letting what isn’t important to you go. Your wedding should be a fabulous party celebrating your love with all the people that matter to you. Even if I do have an odd Bridezilla moment (we all will) I will not let the fact that I’m getting married justify the tantrums that I see on so many bridal shows.

And lastly, and totally unrelated, I found the stamps that we’ll use for our Save The Dates: these adorable Disney stamps! I know that postage is going up every year from now on, otherwise I’d use these for our invitations too. Hopefully they’ll have similarly awesome stamps when it’s time to mail our invitations next year.


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