Real Wedding


It’s easy to fall in love with all the gorgeous weddings posted in the wedding blogosphere (ugh, I hate that word). Sadly, most of the time I’m left thinking, “Gee, that’s lovely, but I could never pull that off on my budget.” So, it’s always a delight when I see a wedding that I absolutely love that turns out to be a budget wedding.

That’s the case with Beth & Mike’s wedding, which was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday. You can see photos here, here, here, here and lastly, here.

I love so many elements of this wedding. If I was having a spring or summer wedding, I would use this wedding as my blueprint. If anyone dares to tell me that I can’t have the wedding I want on the budget I have, I am showing them these photos (and flipping them the bird while I wait for my computer to boot up).

Today I got Bridal Bargains. I started reading it on my lunch hour and it’s already proving valuable. There are so many tips in there I would never even dream of trying. Go buy it right now!


2 Responses to “Real Wedding”

  1. It is interesting how what to one person can seem cheap to another is crazy expensive.

    For me where I live having a $10,000 wedding is a big budget afair.

    We’re hoping to pull off around about half of that, but I never really think we’re being super budget or cheap. Just trying to keep it as simple as possible.

    I do like to try seeing what out in the blog world it is that I like and then try to either make it myself or find it somewhere cheaper.

  2. 2 budgetbeautiful

    I live in Washington, DC, and while I know of brides who have had budget affairs here, I just don’t have that kind of patience. Baltimore is my hometown, and I know vendors there a lot better than DC vendors, so I’m hoping there’s less chance I’ll get ripped off.

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