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I’ve loved the Oriental Trading catalog since I was a kid. I loved looking at the wide array of well, for lack of a better word, crap. That said, they do carry a lot of junky items, but if you can get past that, there are some gems there as well. At my last job […]

I took a second look around the wonderful world of wedding blogs and tried my hand at a second inspiration board featuring my hopeful colors. I’m not really considering any others at the moment, so I guess that means I like them? I am going to probably end up using more “traditional” hues of pink […]

Before I got engaged, I fell in love with a lot of high end stationery. I figured “we’d make it work!” and made note of what I liked. Now that I’m actually planning the wedding, my attitude has changed. The one aspect of the wedding I’m really splurging on is the invitations (letterpress!) so in […]

Today I had to walk up to Logan Hardware to get some keys made for my workplace. As the keys were being made, I wandered over to the paint display, to look at paint chips. I was looking for dark purple shades (aubergiiiine), and I was not impressed by most of what I saw, as […]

Yes, I am aware that I should be saying that the colors I’m considering for my wedding are pink & purple, but that sounds a bit too much like the colors I requested for my 13th birthday party, so I’m sticking with aubergine, thanks. I decided to get off my butt and finally make an […]

In an effort to make up my effing mind about my color palette already, I am attempting to at least pink one color and go from there. Right now, I’m loving aubergine. If you’re not sure what color that is (I wasn’t either, I had to look it up) it’s a very deep, dark purple. […]

I think the hardest thing about planning a wedding is making up your mind. I can imagine it would be easier to plan the wedding pre-internet, when one didn’t have 150 wedding blogs in their reader and every vendor having a cooler website than the previous. I will spare the color palette dilemma for another […]