Cranky pants.


Today is not going well. I usually refrain from personal posting here, but suffice to say I’m having one of those days where I wish a lottery ticket would land in my lap and free me from my irritating, soul sucking job once and for all. So, this post will have nothing to do with budget saving tactics, but I will resume regular posting next time.

So, my mood didn’t improve when I read that my very favorite wedding website, Weddingbee, was bought by eharmony. Reading the comments at that post just make me sad. The site is never going to be like it was, and that’s mainly because I think a lot of people will leave. I do hope that eharmony will bring in some more nifty brides, but we’ll see.

Full disclosure: I am an eharmony bride. The boy and I met when I had had enough with the boys that I’d met on other dating sites and wanted to try a site that had people who were more serious about dating. I got one of their promotional e-mails and said “What the hell,” and signed up. While no, I do not stand behind their politics, I can’t deny that eharmony brought me the love of my life. My cousin also met and married the love of his life last year. The boy and I are both shy, somewhat socially awkward people who would never met if it weren’t for eharmony. I really wish that the eharmony’s politics weren’t so out there, because frankly no other site has the amount of quality, non-crazy bachelors, and I’ve signed up for a few. The only site that comes remotely close (at least in my eyes) is Okcupid.

The boy and I are not right-wing nutjobs. We’re both liberal (him more than me on some matters, vice versa on others) and neither of us like telling people we met on eharmony, but we did. And I’ve never been happier, which is another reason I’m sad to see so many Bees and readers leave. It’s not the first time I’ve loved a website and it’s changed, or gone away completely, but I was considering applying to be a Bee when the time came, but now do I want to? Or will their policies change and I wouldn’t be considered? I don’t know.

Unfortunately most successful independent websites do end up getting bought out by “big brother”. It’s nothing new. I don’t even know why I’m taking this so seriously, I guess the letters PMS have something to do with it.

Anyway. I may end up hanging out at sites like Indie Bride and Offbeat Bride more often now, but I can’t turn my back on Weddingbee. It would be obviously hypocritical of me, since I am an eharmony bride, but I love the site too much to stop reading. Here’s to hoping that Weddingbee’s future will be as wonderful as its past, and the people that leave are replaced by equally interesting folks.

The only good part about today is that after work I’m going to see my childhood heartthrobs, The New Kids on the Block at the Verizon Center. There’s nothing like screaming “I LOVE YOU DONNIE!” to chase the blues away.


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