Back to business


I have decided to start this week on an optimistic note. Focus on the good things (wedding, life changes coming soon) instead of my craphole of a workplace. So far it’s working, but it’s only Monday morning.

As for the wedding, as I mentioned last week, we went to visit two potential venues. The first was American Visionary Art Museum. This is such an amazing venue, I can’t even begin to explain how awesome it is. The exhibits are great, and incredibly quirky. The sculpture barn is where our reception would take place. Our guests would have access to the main museum building and the sculpture barn for dinner and dancing. There is also an additional building if you were planning on having a large affair, complete with a large, rotating statue of Divine.

Sadly, there are too many negatives about this location. Firstly, the price. It is the most expensive venue we looked at. Secondly, parking. There is no garage terribly close. There is street parking, but I don’t trust my podunk relatives to be able to figure that out. Thirdly, we’d have to pay city costs for everything, the caterer, rentals, etc. So, while I love the space, I am practical at heart. I know that this won’t work for us, as we are unwilling to go into debt for our wedding, and are not believers of that common philosophy: “It’s your special day, so spend, spend away!”

Yesterday we went to visit Liriodendron with my parents. I had never seriously considered this venue because I thought it wasn’t my style, as I prefer a more modern look. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. The space is set up as such that it can fit 100 people in the interior of the house. We’re looking to have closer to 80 or so, so this works out perfectly. If we end up having less guests than we thought, it also works, since the space wouldn’t look terribly empty.

Upstairs they have a room for the bride to get ready, and also several rooms that are devoted to artwork, as the mansion also functions as a gallery. We were told it was up to us, if we didn’t like what was on display, the doors could be locked, if we did, then they could install Plexiglas barriers in the doorway so the guests can look in.

The grounds are immaculate and would look beautiful in November, as there still should be leaves on the trees, and they should be changing color. I can really picture our wedding there. It will be an intimate, romantic affair, complete with roaring fires and (fake) candelight. It also fits our budget, and they use local catering companies, so we might even be able to afford to give the guests a full sit-down dinner.

The only glitch is that they only do rehearsals on Thursday nights. My entire wedding party (with the exception of my immediate family) is coming from out of state, so this could be a problem. But not really, since I could honestly care less if everyone is in their proper place, as long as they’re up there with us. I’ve also found a wedding planner that has worked there before, Entertain Me Event Planning. They’re based out of Delaware, which is no big deal, as my parents don’t live far from the state line. You can see photos of events they’ve planned at the mansion here and here.

It will be a relief to get the venue booked, because we can go forward with planning from there, as the venue reflects so much of what your wedding will look like. I’m not terribly into themes, but I will likely be on the look out for items with a 1920’s flair, which would fit in well with the house.

Lastly, my sister brought us a lovely gift, cupcakes from Sweet & Sassy Cupcakes in Newark, DE. They are so delicious, and if you look closely, you can see wee little flags that say “Congratulations!” with diamond rings and a tuxedo front on them. I’ve always loved the idea of cupcakes at a wedding, and these are so gorgeous and delicious, we might use them for our wedding, since my sister works in Newark, she could pick them up the day before the wedding.


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