A mish-mash of ideas


Before I get into the wedding hoo-ha, I wanted to ask for your thoughts for my fiancé’s best friend and his girlfriend. They met on eharmony the same time we did, and yesterday she was in a head-on collision. She’s seven months pregnant, so we’re hoping that the baby will be okay. She was still in the hospital the last time I checked. She was hit by a 16 year old who just got her license yesterday. She was texting as she drove. Let this be a lesson to those among us who think they can multi-task while driving.

Anyway. Now that we are almost surely a go to have our reception at Liriodendron, (I’m signing the contract next Friday) I am trying to nail down the style, and theme, if any I want for our wedding. I’ve never been a fan of themes, since it just reminds me of high school dances. But since we will be getting married in a historic house, I’m leaning towards a vintage theme. I’ve been reading Vintage Glam Blog to get ideas and there a few I am considering. I’m also on the look-out of interesting photos from the area on Shorpy. One room at the mansion has a display of old photos of the home’s previous owners and history. The home was a summer home for one of the founders of Johns Hopkins. He and his wife died on the same day, six hours apart. How, er, romantic!

While the idea of an elegant wedding appeals to me, we are both quirky pop culture nerds, so we will likely incorporate that into the wedding (I have an awesome idea for table numbers that I haven’t seen around much, so I’ll share it as we get closer to the wedding) and a groom’s cake, either an XBOX 360, or perhaps my boy’s massive custom built computer that he uses for gaming.

I also wonder if we should incorporate the season into our wedding. I absolutely ADORE the idea of having caramel or candy apples as favors. Call me a sucker, but these are adorable.

I’m also waffling when it comes to color scheme. I’m leaning towards copper and pink, but then I saw these gorgeous dark purple bridesmaids dresses and now I’m conflicted! Pink is my absolute favorite color, but I wonder how it would look with an eggplant or dark violet. Gross or gorgeous? Hmm.

I have such a hard time making up my mind, because I’m terribly afraid once I do, that I’ll have already bought all this stuff to fit in with our theme, and then I’ll find something that I’ll like better. Oh well. I have time.


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