Economic Benefits of Partnership


So, the economy is going down the toilet a little bit more each day. No job is secure. People are panicking. I have been laid off before (by a large multi-national corporation), right before September 11th. That was a really terrible time in my life, but I was younger and still living with my parents, so I didn’t struggle financially, even though it took me nearly five months to find a job.

Now I’m a girl living in the big city by myself, working for a large corporation yet again during shaky financial times. You can’t help but get nervous when the people doing the hiring and firing don’t know you personally and you’re just a name and a number on a sheet of paper to them.

That said, if the worst were to happen and I were to lose my job, all would not be lost. I have a wonderful fiancĂ© who has a (hopefully) secure job and now we’d finally be able to live together, and we’d be able to consolidate our bills. We have wanted to live together for ages, and now we’d be able to. I have him as my support, and I could support him as well. We would, in all honestly, probably get married before the year is out so I could gain access to his amazing government insurance and other benefits. We’ll have a formal ceremony and reception later on.

I’m not denying that I would probably be close to a colossal freak-out if I was planning a wedding while being out of work, but I am also not married to the date. On my contract with the venue (the first and only vendor I’ve booked, well, will book, tomorrow) I’m allowed to move the date once with no penalty. So worst case scenario? We move the wedding. No big. It would take an economic disaster worse than the 1929 crash to make me cancel my wedding! I figure this way I get to prolong the wedding fun as well.

I’m not a real believer in destiny, more fate. I think life hands you up challenges and opportunities and it’s up to you to make the best of out of them. Obviously I would prefer to leave my job once I’ve found another, but should that not happen, I have a wonderful partner in life who I know will be there to support me every step of the way.


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