Things I love


To try and keep away the sinus pressure which is currently beating out a samba in my head, here are a few things I love this week:

-The Unbride’s welcome bags. I’ve admired the small details of her wedding for months now (I love her logo, a play on the CBGB logo). No boring gable boxes or canvas sacks for her! GORGEOUS.
-Even though some people have left since the whole eharmony hullabaloo, I am not one of them (I’d be quite the hypocrite if I did since the boy and I met on eharmony). Miss Cupcake has always been one of my favorite Bees. I love the small details of her wedding, so I was very thrilled to see this post at Inspired Goodness (she is Mrs. Cupcake’s sister in law and an amazing blogger in her own right) with all kinds of wee details from this wedding.
This Knottie bio. This couple were married at our wedding/ceremony location, Liriodendron! I love how golden the light is in the interior shots. I’d thought that they’d rented lighting, but nope! It’s just the light from the sconces and chandeliers. I went for a second visit yesterday. Although my left contact popped out of my eye right as we pulled in the drive (only to me do these things happen) we had more of the planner’s time and she was able to show us exactly how things would be set up. I had wanted to get married in the main hall in front of the fireplace, and that is exactly what she suggested! So, the contract is signed and we are set. My parents also promised to go up there on the 1 year mark to our wedding to check out how the foliage is fairing, since I’m getting married in mid-November.
This sparkly wedding dress. The price isn’t bad either.
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. A lot of the girls over on use this DVD, and since the first two segments are available free on On Demand if you are a Comcast subscriber, I did the first session earlier this week before I fell ill, and I have never found a twenty minute work-out as intense as this!


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  1. What a sweet comment about me and my awesome SIL! Thanks for the mention!!

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