Things I should do before the wedding.


-Get grown up checks. I feel like a bit of a tool giving vendors my Hello Kitty checks. Well, the one vendor we’ve booked so far, but still.
-Make sure my contacts are properly inserted before going to vendor appointments. My left contact rotated towards the back of my eye in the car to Liriodendron and when I tried to push it towards the front of my eye, it popped out, so I could only see out of one eye. Thank GOD it was my second visit to the site, so I had an idea of what was there.
-Tell my fiance that he should really just write me checks for his half of the vendor deposits, as I don’t fancy the idea of getting mugged feeding 20 dollar bills into an ATM in Washington, DC.
-Pick a f#@*ing color palette already. Everyone I show the choices to loves the pink/copper option. Although I’m starting to hate copper since it’s being touted as “the new chocolate brown!” Grr.
-Update the programs on my computer so I can use some of these awesome templates.
-Find a way to include my FMIL in the planning. We’re getting married in my neck of the woods, (which is about 200 miles north from where she lives) but I want to include her as much as possible, because I got lucky, my FMIL is awesome, and has three sons, so she will be into planning.


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