I am overwhelmed with choices


I think the hardest thing about planning a wedding is making up your mind. I can imagine it would be easier to plan the wedding pre-internet, when one didn’t have 150 wedding blogs in their reader and every vendor having a cooler website than the previous.

I will spare the color palette dilemma for another day. Today my dilemma is narrowing down which photographers I want to meet with. There are an insane amount of wedding photographers in the DC/Baltimore area and you can spend as much as $10,000 or as little as $900. I have looked on craigslist. The knot. Weddingwire. My eyes start to cross and I can’t take looking at one more girl in a white dress any longer.

All that said, the photographer is the most important vendor to me. The photos are the one thing that will live on from our wedding. At my parents house we have my great-grandparents wedding portraits hanging on the wall, along with my grandmother, looking like a film star. The same can be said about my future in-laws house. Our grandchildren, hopefully, will do the same with our photos, so I want them to be good. I don’t know a terrible amount about photography, but I know when I see a photo that was taken with an expensive camera and one that looks like it was taken with a point & shoot. I’m also VERY picky when it comes to initial contact. If I don’t get a response within 72 hours, then I am done considering you for my wedding. I am asking YOU for business, so I shouldn’t have to beg for it! This comes from my work, as often I have to contact companies at work, and it just irks my nerves when people are unresponsive.

Anyway, here are some of the photographers I’m considering for our big day.

Photos By Mandi. I first heard about Mandi on the Baltimore knot.com board, where she got nothing but raves. I love her bright, vibrant style. The colors seem to just explode off the page.
Exclamation Imagery. Another knot.com board, but this time the DC boards, as I am a Baltimore girl living in northern Virginia. I adore her style and her prices can’t be beat.
Borrowed Blue Photo I found them on livejournal.com, oddly enough. I love their work, and love that the engagement session is included in the package.
K. Thompson Photography I believe this was another knot.com find (yes, I spend way too much time there!) Love her style and her prices are even better!


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