Aubergiiiiiiine & more photography talk


In an effort to make up my effing mind about my color palette already, I am attempting to at least pink one color and go from there. Right now, I’m loving aubergine. If you’re not sure what color that is (I wasn’t either, I had to look it up) it’s a very deep, dark purple. This color would work well on two levels. Firstly as linens, it would match gorgeously with the dark brown Chivari chairs that I will be using, and secondly, it seems to be a color that works well on a lot of skin tones, so I’m hoping I can use this shade for bridesmaids dresses.

To give you an idea of what I’m thinking of, here is an inspiration board:

Credit: Snippet & Ink

I’m going to attempt to pair it with a pale pink (Martha Stewart would call it cameo) and see how that looks, but I have not felt like creating my own inspiration board, but I should really get on that.

I’m more concerned with photography of late. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m contacting photographers to hopefully find the best person to shoot us on the big day. I guess by some standards the caterer should be the next vendor I should be contacting, but I really can’t be arsed. Our parents are probably going to cover the bulk of the food costs, and while I want the food to be good, my attitude towards food has always been thus: you’re just going to poop it out, so I refuse to stress about it. Part of my job is dealing with the catering staff at the law firm I work at, and I tell them that when people and caterers are stressing us out.

Anyway, I have found a few more wedding photographers to contend with in just the past day. is an amazing source, not only because they have a fair amount of reviews from brides and grooms, but also because you can request proposals from vendors. I did just that the other day, and while some no-name hack tried to tell me that I needed to raise my budget “by at least one thousand dollars”, I firmly believe there are talented photographers within our budget. I was contacted by Julie Eisel. I love her work, and her prices are to die for. She responded quickly to my request for further information and has even shot weddings at my wedding location. Her prices are very impressive too.

I also found Emily Jackson, whose prices are also budget friendly, and her work is really stunning. She also wrote back about 10 minutes after I sent the request saying she was in the process of moving (!!) but would get back to me tonight.

Then there’s Jen Lowe, who everyone raves about on the Baltimore board. Her prices are on the high end of our budget, but she responded quickly and I LOVE her work.

I guess it’s just up to me to decide how much we’re going to spend. Photography has always been one element of the wedding I was willing to splurge on because it will be the only thing that lasts after the big day.


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