Aubergine & Pink & Photographers


Yes, I am aware that I should be saying that the colors I’m considering for my wedding are pink & purple, but that sounds a bit too much like the colors I requested for my 13th birthday party, so I’m sticking with aubergine, thanks. I decided to get off my butt and finally make an inspiration board for the colors I’m considering, so here it is.

I admit that not all the shades of purple in this board can be considered aubergine (eggplant, dark purple, plum, etc. etc.), but I think that this is a good starting point to at least get an idea of how the colors look next to each other, as I have come across no other inspiration board with these colors. Which I like, as I don’t want my wedding to look cookie-cutter, but I also don’t want it to look garish either. I don’t hate it, so I guess that’s something to be said. I think with a little tweaking (tone up the purple, tone down the pink) I’ll love it.

As for photographers, I have narrowed the search down to three. I sent a link to the photographers’ websites to the boy with no prices so he wouldn’t be swayed. He picked the most expensive photographer of the three, of course, but I am planning on meeting with all three of these ladies, and booking the photographer we click with best. i have a sneaking suspicion we’ll get along with all of them, making the choice harder!

So the finally three are:

Jen Lowe , Emily Jackson & Julie Eisel. I really could wait months to book the photographer since I am getting married in an off month, but I think it would end up stressing me out in the long run. If I lived in a small town where there were only a few photographers available, sure, I could do that. But there are, pardon the expression, a shit ton of photographers in the DC/Baltimore area. Most of them whom I can’t afford. Those that I can afford, I am generally not impressed with their style, so I figure why wait? Unless Punam Bean or Our Labor Of Love decide to move to DC (they are my photographer crushes, and very much out of my budget) I doubt I will regret my decision.


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