Paint chips & fake candles


Today I had to walk up to Logan Hardware to get some keys made for my workplace. As the keys were being made, I wandered over to the paint display, to look at paint chips. I was looking for dark purple shades (aubergiiiine), and I was not impressed by most of what I saw, as the purple paint chips looked the same from when I got a wild hair up my butt and painted my bedroom purple in 1998.

The only display that impressed me was Pratt & Lambert’s. They had a color that was spot on: Black Orchid. Now if you go to the website and look up this color, you’ll see a color much darker than the actual paint chip, which is the essence of why I wanted to look at paint chips in the first place. It’s easy to fall in love with a color palette on the internet, but seeing the color in person is another thing altogether. So, suffice to say, I am definitely doing aubergiiiiiine (no, I’m not going to grow tired of spelling it that way anytime soon) as one of my wedding colors. The fiancé and I are going to Home Depot tomorrow to look for a pink shade that will match up nicely.

As for candles, I have to say that I’m a huge fan of The Lakeside Collection. There is some tacky looking crap in their catalogs, but there’s some really nice stuff too. NFL schwag for the fiancé and my future father in law, homey Americana stuff for my future mother in law, and since I adopted a child through my firm’s participation in the Salvation Army Christmas Angel Tree, so a whole hell of a lot of Hannah Montana stuff too.

I was impressed to find LED Everlasting Tea Lights at such a great price. I am not allowed to have real candles at my ceremony or reception, so I snagged up three sets of these (the white ones, not the color changing ones) candles to use instead, both for the inside, and the outside, as I am planning in lining the portico and front steps with these lacy luminaries. I have loved luminaries since I was a child and the local church sold them at Christmas. For a few years everyone participated and the whole neighborhood was lit up all gorgeous on Christmas Eve, and though I wouldn’t call myself religious, I love their meaning, to light the way for the Christ Child. Unfortunately no one does it any longer, but it will be a tradition I will start when my fiancé and I move into our first home. So instead of lighting the way for the Christ Child, I’ll use them at our wedding to light the way for our guests.


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