Budget friendly vendor spotlight: Magnet Street


Before I got engaged, I fell in love with a lot of high end stationery. I figured “we’d make it work!” and made note of what I liked. Now that I’m actually planning the wedding, my attitude has changed. The one aspect of the wedding I’m really splurging on is the invitations (letterpress!) so in order to do that and not go over budget, I’m scrimping other places, and save the dates is one of them. We do still want to send them, as a lot of our family members haven’t seen photos of us in years, and we figure this is a great way for them to see what we look like now, and alert them to our date.

Luckily, the days when cheap=ugly have passed. Well, not always, as I have seen some godawfully ugly invitations, so I guess I should rephrase that. Cheap doesn’t have to mean ugly. Yesterday I received a sample package from Magnet Street (click here to request your own) and I was impressed by the quality of their magnets as well as some of their designs, which are pretty stylish. The best thing about Magnet Street is their prices. We’d be able to get magnets for everyone (and envelopes) for under a hundred dollars, which is cheaper than anything I’ve seen elsewhere. I also really love the idea of magnet save the dates. This way your flaky family members and friends can’t say that they forgot about your wedding, as they can just slap the magnet on their fridge and be reminded for it every time they open it. Magnet Street also offers traditional invitations and save the dates as well. They’re on a nice linen cardstock and have a lot of colors to choose from (including eggplant, or aubergine) and a lot of stylish fonts.

Here are some of the designs that I think deserve a look.

My favorites of this group are the first one in the top row. The dark purples would work well with our color scheme. I also love the last one in the second row. It is very stylish and looks a lot like another save the date I’d seen on another website (for about twice the price!) and though it doesn’t fit our theme, who cares? I’m not a fan of matchy-matchyness anyway.


One Response to “Budget friendly vendor spotlight: Magnet Street”

  1. 1 Julie

    They also do the most adorable birth announcements!

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