Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight: Save-on-crafts.com


As I’ve mentioned before, I am not the most handy-dandy DIY bride out there. I am impatient. I have two left hands. I can only handle a small amount of DIY before I want to scream. That said, craft stores can be excellent resources not only for the more challenging DIY projects, but for practical things you’ll need at your wedding.

Save-on-crafts.com is one of those places. Not only do they have the supplies for projects, but also a myriad of items you’ll need for the wedding, and at prices that would be cheaper than renting (chargers, apothecary jars, lighting, etc.), and after your wedding you can recoup your investment by selling them onto another bride. With rentals, well, that money is just gone after the wedding.

Here are some of my favorites from my brief jaunt on the website. You could literally spend hours there going through their vast inventory. My favorite items are the Miso Pretty bag (it would be great for OOT guests, well, the hipper OOT guests, that is), the gorgeous Mint Juelp cups for centerpieces (I love the look of a silver vase, especially on an aubergine table linen) and lastly the battery powered light. Who says you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on lighting? Sure, it wouldn’t be super powerful, but if you’re looking for just a hint of light, these could work. I also LOVE the apothecary jars. The small one is THREE DOLLARS! The large one is just a few dollars more!


In case anyone is wondering, no, I do not get any sort of compensation from these companies for these posts. I just like sharing budget friendly ideas with like-minded brides. My blog isn’t widely read enough for me to get much more than a dime or two anyway.


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