Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight: Beau-Coup


I haven’t been around much this week, and that’s mainly because I’ve been spending time following politics and not as much time on weddings! That said, I present you with the next Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight. Today we focus on the fabulous Beau-Coup. Beau Coup sells wedding ephemera of all types, although the main part of their business seems to be wedding favors, wedding favor packaging and gifts for the bridal party.

Not all of these favors or gifts are going to be practical for you if you’re having a wedding of 200 or more people, or if you have a large bridal party, but if like me you’re having a wedding on the smallish side and only having a few friends and family stand up for you and your groom, these items would work out well for you.

I am not a fan of the froufy favor. I tend to prefer favors that are edible or drinkable (like the fortune cookies, tea, and lemonade) or eco friendly (like the plantable seed cards, bottom row). There is so much garbage associated with the average wedding that I feel bad adding to it with an impractical favor that’s just going to get tossed in the trash.  I also like their bridal party gifts. The cufflinks are a mere $26, and the make-up bags are $23 each for large, $20 for small.

beau-coup by chancecaught


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