One year to go.


Our wedding is exactly one year from today. This is kind of scary, especially when I look at girls on my wedding club board on the Knot, who have their dresses, florists, started their DIY, etc. I try and make myself remember that most of them are having much grander affairs than me, and most have been engaged longer too. There will only be about 50 of us. I’ve also decided that a lot of wedding things will be pushed off until next year, and when we see exactly much money we have left over after paying the balances on our deposits.

That said, I don’t think I’m doing too poorly for someone who has been engaged for less than two months. We have our venue, and we have decided on our photographer. We met with the lovely Julie Eisel and Jocelyn Matthewes. I really loved both of these vendors and it makes me sad I can’t book them both. They’re very down to earth and aren’t of the typical vendor variety. Meaning they aren’t trying to hold me upside down until they’ve wrenched every penny from me. Their packages are very generous, and I know it’s because they’re not as widely known as some photographers in the area. A lot of girls on the Baltimore board on the knot use a lot of the same photographers. They are great, but just not in our budget.

In the end we (well, me, the boy said he loved them both and it really didn’t matter to him who I chose) are going to go with Jocelyn. It’s easy to make choices when you meet with vendors and there are drastic differences in price, quality or just attitude. Both of them were great and offer very good value for your money. Jocelyn offers really nice folios with your engagement shoot that I fell in love with, and also provides an album with your proofs. I would not hesitate to recommend either of these vendors to my fellow Baltimore brides!

Next steps are the dress and caterers. But neither right this minute as with the holidays we have less money for deposits and more for Christmas gifts, and in my case, saving for uncertain financial times.


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