One thing at a time.


When the boy and I started dating, it only took about a month before I started looking at wedding websites to get an idea of what I would like for our day. My ideas have changed a few times, but I’m glad I did this because I really thought I would be overwhelmed by it all. Since getting the ring on my finger, I’ve found the opposite is true. I worry about one thing at a time, and do things at my pace, not at the pace of all those inane checklists on wedding websites. OMG! If you haven’t picked your color palette by exactly one month after you’ve been engaged, you’re behind? Eh, screw that. I deal with each aspect of the wedding as I feel like dealing with it. I refuse to stress myself out about it.

So far I’ve picked my venue and my photographer. Next is the wedding dress. I will start my shopping at the end of December, mainly because that date was available to my family, and also as an incentive to lose a little weight and not eat like a pig over the holidays before the shopping trip. The dress isn’t terribly important to me. I want it to fit right and I want to “feel like a bride”…whatever the hell that means. I guess I’ll know it when I see it. I am excited to try on dresses and glad that my mom, sister and future mother in law will be there with me.

Hopefully David’s Bridal isn’t as awful as people say it is, or I will remove myself from the taffeta nightmare they have me in and leave. I will not be treated poorly by bridal shop staff. I simply won’t tolerate it, and it makes me mad that so many brides put up with it! They are not the only gig in town, there are at least thirty bridal stores in the DC/Baltimore area, and failing that, I’ll just find it online.

Anyway. That is my next priority. Right after that will be the engagement shoot, hopefully in early January depending on our photographer’s schedule. We’ve decided to do shoot near my place in Arlington. My apartment complex has a gorgeous rooftop garden. Provided that the idiots that run my complex haven’t forgotten to unlock the doors (that would be my luck) we could get shots here, here, here and hopefully the weather will be clear so we can see the city. Hopefully this idea will work, as I am not super comfortable doing city shots. We do want to go to the area where we had our first date (there’s an ice rink there which would make for a good backdrop) but I know myself, I will be self-conscious if a bunch of strangers are watching me get my picture taken! If the rooftop garden is a no-go, we’ll drive a little bit down the road to The Air Force Memorial, which is stunning and on a hill, so it offers a great view of DC, it’s crystal clear if the weather is right.

Anyway, to wrap-up, I think it’s important to plan at your own pace. Take on only what you can do at one time in order to keep your sanity. I know there’s a lot of stuff I have to do for the wedding, but I’m focusing on the right now, and I know that I’ll get everything done well before the wedding.


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