Just a friendly reminder


I love everything bridal. I love brides. Well, most brides. The brides I’m not so fond of are the ones who get so caught up in “the.best.day.of.their.lives!” and they lose all concepts of reality and turn into, for lack of a better word, bridezillas and freak out over stupid things. There are very few things that would outright ruin your wedding day. I can think of two. My fiance not showing up or the building burning down. Okay, maybe three, everyone getting sick from the catering and going to hospital. Things are going to go wrong. Once you accept that, you’ll have a wonderful wedding day.

So, a reminder for all of us. Each bride is different. Each wedding is different. I subscribe to roughly 150 wedding blogs on my reader. It can be overwhelming to be assaulted by inspiration like that, but I try to not let it sway me. If your budget is only $10,000, work with it. If you’re blessed and have a larger budget to work with, then make your wedding as fabulous as you can and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being “frivolous” in this economy. Take the inspiration that you find in magazines, online and on TV and hone what speaks to you into your wedding. Don’t let other people’s wedding overwhelm you. Do what’s right for you and your future husband.

The bottom line is: own your wedding. Do whatever you want, and tell whoever doesn’t like your ideas to pound sand. That’s easy for me to say because I’m a type A bossy person and my family knows this, but your wedding should be a reflection of you and your groom, so try not to let other people take that away from you. But most of all: it is one day. The wedding is about the marriage, not about impressing your friends and family. The people that love you will come to your wedding whether it’s at the Four Seasons or Friendly’s. Don’t let the little details of a wedding overshadow what really matters: the love that you’ve found with your husband.


One Response to “Just a friendly reminder”

  1. well said! i deefinitely had a small budget cause we paid for it overselves and are fresh out of college, and I too had 150+ blogs in my reader haha… I just enjoy looking though… It was pretty easy to separate my lust for everything wedding from what my desires for our big day were.

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