Budget Friendly Vendor Spotlight: Knotties For Hire


I have a love/hate relationship with the Knot. Part of me loves the site, because it can be such a helpful resource, there are so many photos and you can look up vendors in your area. I also love the boards I hang out on, my local (s) the Baltimore and DC boards, and my wedding club. The ladies are helpful and I have always been a “shy” message board poster, but I feel no qualms about posting my questions on any of the Knot boards I frequent. I also feel a sense of camaraderie on the Baltimore board. Some of the girls (myself included) are banding together to adopt a family this Christmas through the House of Ruth, and we’re also doing a Secret Santa swap.

The downsides are: the boards run so slow and crash my computer. I HATE knot TV, which is the culprit. I have the Adblock extension at home, but I use an ancient version of IE at work, so it crashes all the frickin’ time. I also think that the knot is part of the “Wedding Industrial Complex”, making women think that they HAVE to have things as part of their weddings. For instance there was just a post on my local about boudoir photos. Most girls said they’d never heard of them before their time on the knot. So would they have spent the money on the photo shoot if not for that site and all the other girls on the local board having their photos done? Who knows. It’s easy to fall under the spell of shiny, bridal things on the Knot, and sometimes I have to smack myself to keep from opening up my wallet.

ANYWAY. The most productive board on the Knot is the Making It Personal board. Not only can the DIY challenged like myself ask for advice, but you can also hire a knottie to design things for you. Now no, you’re probably not going to find a knottie to do letterpress invitations for you. But if you’re design challenged like myself, you probably can find someone who can design something for you, then you can get it printed yourself, at the super cheap Vista Print. I am considering going this route for our Save the Dates, that way we have something totally original.

I should say that I haven’t actually worked with any of these ladies, but these are my favorites based on the work they have on display, and I am probably going to work with at least one of them in the future.

Blissful Day Designs. She does everything from invitations to aisle runners.
Pink Design Events. LOVE her work. And her prices for STD design start at $20, so how can you beat that?
2 BirdStone. Her Modern Garland invitations are my favorite.
Simply So Stylish. Love her monograms. This one is my favorite!


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