Budget Beauty Tip: DC


Yesterday I decided to brave the Black Friday crowds and headed into DC to get a few gifts for my friends and family. As I was wandering about, I walked past The Aveda Institute (there are also branches of this school in NYC and other cities). A few weeks ago I got the news that every girl dreads. My stylist left the salon she’d been working at for at least the almost seven years I was seeing her. She was going to leave there earlier this year and sent word where she was going, but then changed her mind and stayed at this salon. I wish she hadn’t, because I have a feeling she’s not doing hair any longer as I haven’t heard anything from her. This sucked x2 for me, as the salon is ten minutes away from where I’m getting married, so now I have to find someone else to do my wedding day hair.

But I digress. There are no cheap salons in DC unless you’re going to Hair Cuttery or Bubbles, which are pretty hit or miss. I got a great haircut at a K Street Bubbles last year, but good stylists tend not to stay at the “low end” chain salons very long. I figured if I was going to get a hit or miss haircut or color treatment anyway, I might as well go to a school, so I made an appointment at the Aveda Institute. After reading the reviews on yelp.com, which were mostly positive (and seeing how great Mrs. Tulip looked on her wedding day), I followed their advice and called early for an appointment as they had odd hours. I have my appointment in January (on a Saturday, if you can get in on a weekday, you’ll be able to get in earlier), and I’ll be paying less than $50.00 for color, which is about half of what I was paying to see my old stylist in the northern Baltimore suburbs.

I’m hoping I’ll get lucky and get a good student, but I have hair that’s pretty hard to screw up, (baby fine and straight) so here’s to hoping! And for the wedding, I’ll probably be going with Up-Do’s For I Dos, they have excellent reviews on the Baltimore knot.com board, and their prices are not bank breaking, and frankly I’ve always LOVED the idea of the hair and make-up people coming to me on the day and just sitting there drinking a stiff drink while they make me de-lovely.


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