Maryland Vendors & Other Thoughts


I think I’m doing well with wedding work this week. I decided that instead of contacting vendors “as I go”, there’s no law saying I have to wait to find out the pricing, and if I’m interested in them, any vendor worth their salt will hold the date for me, and give me first dibs if someone else is interested in it.

I first contacted Heidi Kern of Entertain Me Events. I first heard of Heidi on the Knot, and in reading her blog, I’ve seen that she’s done events at my venue before. In theory, I really shouldn’t need a wedding coordinator. Our guest count is small and we could do things ourselves. I guess I’ve just seen too many episodes of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway”, because I really want a coordinator to worry about everything on the day and enable me to enjoy being a bride without worrying about set-up or anything else. Heidi’s prices are reasonable for Day Of Coordination, and she even offers a flexible payment plan. I will probably not contact anyone else, because I haven’t seen any other coordinators that have worked at my venue, and most other coordinators are over a thousand dollars.

In Heidi’s first e-mail to me, she asked “Are you working with Dean & Brown Caterers?” They were the top caterer I was considering, so I figured I’d go ahead and get a proposal from them. They responded within a day with a proposal that not only sounds delicious, but fits our budget. They also told us that we could bring in our own liquor, which will mean a huge savings on our part. Our price quote not only includes food, but all of our silverware, glasses, barware, plates, house linens and a couple other things I’m forgetting. No insane service charge, gratuity is extra (of course we will tip, but I like not being obligated to tip an insane amount), and only a reasonable 6% Maryland sales tax.

So, I was feeling good about the proposal, but my fiancĂ© had one of those money moments where he freaks me out a little. He thought the price was kind of high. I’ve been planning events at work for five years, so I know that the prices are very reasonable. Still, I contacted my parents to find out exactly how much they’ll help us with. My mother responded that she thought she already told us, and quoted me an amount that was a lot more than I thought they’d help with, so that’s a great burden lifted off my shoulders!

:wipes brow: I’m trying to narrow down the vision for my dress, and I’m still flip-flopping about what I want. I’ve fallen in love with The San Marino. I am super hesitant to buy a dress off the interwebs, but there are several seamstresses in the DC area that could help me if disaster struck. I don’t know. I have a few more weeks to flounder before I start trying on dresses. Things are starting to come together and I’m getting really excited!


2 Responses to “Maryland Vendors & Other Thoughts”

  1. 1 Pamela

    I wish that Dean & Brown would have a better website; it’s impossible to know what they offer from it! Did they seem that reasonable?

    Though, I guess I should probably work on finding the actual venue before I start on the catering – I just love the idea of being able to bring our own alcohol.

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      Yeah, their website is a bit crap. They need to spend the time and work on it, because there are a lot of people who would look at that and not even give them the time of day. They are very reasonable and include a lot of things with your food, linens (they have several choices in various colors), all your glassware, plates, knives, forks, drinks, coffee service, etc. They can also customize a menu to fit your needs (I know one Baltimore knottie is having a BBQ reception catered by them), and will definitley work with your budget. I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about them from other brides and other vendors! Our tasting is on the 19th, and we expect to sign the contract then. If you’re having a Harford County wedding, they are on the approved caterer list at both Liriodendron and Sawn Harbor Farm. They do also do weddings in the surrounding area.

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