Favorite Weddings Of The Year


In the wed-o-verse, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the wedding porn out there.  It’s also very easy to feel like your wedding won’t live up to others. Frankly I’m not really concerned about this, but sometimes I do get the “why can’t I have a $50,000 wedding blues”, even though I know I’d NEVER spend that kind of money on just one day, when you see gorgeous weddings, it’s kind of hard not to wish that for  yourself.

So, instead of focusing on some of the more shiny/sparkly/spendy weddings that have been featured this year, I thought I’d focus on my favorites, where the bride & groom (or bride & bride) focused on their individuality and their love for each other, rather than a big hoo-haaish affair.

Jenn & Cody’s Colorful Rock Concert with a Twist Wedding

The bride wore brown. The wedding party wore t-shirts. They all looked awesome and like they had a blast on their wedding day.

Beth & Mike’s $10,000 Tobacco Farm Wedding
This wedding is proof positive that you do not need to be rolling in dough to have a stunning wedding.

Bahareh & Jelsen’s NYC Affair
The most stylish wedding of the year in my humble little opinion.

Nole & Andrew’s DC Area Affair
This is my favorite local wedding of the year.

Teri & Lisa’s Fancy Budget Affair
This wedding has proved to be one of the biggest inspirations for me as to what I want in my own wedding. Intimate, offbeat and just overall wonderful.

Margaux & Beck’s Stylish LA Soiree
This is one of those few weddings where I was interested in every wee tiny detail, because it was all flawless.

Kim & Annie’s Chic Backyard Wedding
This wedding is more stylish than most hotel or museum weddings I’ve seen!

Krystal & Patrick’s Happily Ever After Party
This is a wonderful low-key party the couple had after their wedding to celebrate.

Since I’m bored at work this week I will probably have more weddings to share, but I wanted to get in some of my favorites before the year was out.


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