Well, what a wedding related week.


Happy New Year to all! I’m about to turn on the Rose Parade, but since a lot has happened wedding-wise this week, I thought I’d update real quick.

On Monday night, our would-be photographer (meaning we were planning on booking her, but hadn’t yet) called me and told me she’s not going to be able to photograph our wedding because she’s pregnant. Well, of course I’m happy for her, so it’s hard to be upset about that. She also offered to do a free engagement shoot to make up for it, which is very sweet, and does mean that now I can consider photographers that were previously out of our budget since we’re getting that for free.

Still, I’m back at square one and it sucks. I’m picky when it comes to photography. Most of the photographers I like are on the expensive side. Most of the ones that are in my budget are just not my style, or frankly, look like they shoot their weddings on a point and shoot. I’ve e-mailed a few photographers whose style I like, but none offer the value that my previous photographer had, but I’ve had to let it go. Things happen. This is out of my control, and I’m sure I’ll find a new photographer that is equally great, and we still get to work with our previous photographer for our engagement shoot. I’m also realistic. How many times am I going to look at my wedding album? Probably not very often. We will frame a few good photos, and either make an album or a book from a site like Blurb.

On Tuesday I had my first experience trying on wedding dresses. The experience was not as unpleasant as I was expecting it to be. I went to a David’s Bridal location in Northern Virginia with my mom, future mother-in-law, my sister and my best friend. I tried on about eight dresses and really liked a few, but didn’t end up buying anything. There is one dress that is in contention to be “the one”. The price was good, and the dress fit well (I will post pictures of all the dresses in contention after I do a bit more shopping) but it also had a cumbersome train and I have to walk down a grand staircase to get to the ceremony, so I don’t really fancy falling down the stairs.

So, it’s a start. I hope to find my dress in the next month or so so I can get it ordered and have it in plenty of time to get alterations before the wedding. I don’t think I’m going to be one of those brides that cries when I realize that this is “the” dress. Partly because that the dress has never been THAT important to me, and secondly, I’m 32 years old, so I’m a little past that point in my life. It was a relief to see that the dresses I was trying on looked NOTHING like the dresses all the brides around me were trying on, which to quote my best friend, looked like either wedding cakes or meringue. You don’t have to look like a confection on your wedding day, ladies!

I’m going to try a few local boutiques near my parents house next, but I’m going to make sure when I call to make an appointment that I ask if they have larger sample sizes. Davids Bridal is great because you can just try on a dress in your size most of the time, but I’m worried about getting shoehorned into a dress that is much smaller than my size (a sample size is usually a size 8, I’m a 14) and that it’ll just be a waste of time because I lack the imagination to see what it’ll look like in my size. I’m trying to convince my parents to drive me to the Alfred Angelo store in Lancaster, PA, which is about an hour and change north of where they live. I know they’ll have a wide range of sample sizes and I love a lot of dresses in that collection.


2 Responses to “Well, what a wedding related week.”

  1. Have you looked in Evan Bishop? We fell in love with his style and he’s the first vendor we booked – even prior to our venue!

    Also, though I have my own reservations about Glen Burnie, I’d see if you can snag some time during the week to head up there. Its the biggest David’s Bridal in the east coast. I’m with you about not getting shoehorned into smaller dresses. It made me feel terrible 😦

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      I’ve heard from the Baltimore Knot board that Evan’s work is on the pricy side, which is why I didn’t contact him. We’re trying to keep photography around the 2k mark. I had no idea the Glen Burnie store was the largest on the East Coast! I may have to check that out. My mom said I should just call the boutiques in Harford county and ask them if they carry larger sample sizes. When I told her that would be embarassing, she said “The whole world isn’t a size 2!” Okay, mom. :p

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