Further Photographers


Over the last few days I’ve been focusing on finding a replacement for our photographer. I’m pretty all over the map. Photography is one of the areas I do want to throw more money at, but at the same time I don’t want to go too over budget. I’ve contacted a wide variety of photographers. I’ve only heard back from one so far, but since this week was a holiday week, I’m hoping to hear back this week.

The hunt for photographers can be all consuming, so, for my Baltimore/DC brides, here is a list of photographers whose work intrigues me.

Kate Headley
Talk about love at first look. Kate’s work is up there with the big guns in the wedding industry in my humble opinion. I LOVE every photo on her blog. I was surprised to see that her coverage starts within our budget (although the very tip-top of that budget). If you read her fist blog post, she mentions that she’s already booked for a lot of dates in ’09, so e-mail her straight away if you’re interested.

Carol Masica
Carol was recommended to us by our would-be photographer. Unfortunately she is out of our budget, but she really does offer A LOT for your money. Prints, proofs, an engagement shoot, etc. Basically everything my previous photographer offered, but since she’s more well known, her prices are higher. If I had about a thousand dollars more to play with, I would pick Carol for sure.

Photos by Mandi
I’d considered Mandi previously, but decided to go with our would-be photographer since she offered a better deal. Since we are now getting a free engagement shoot, Mandi is now within our budget. Her pricing is straight-forward and she does not require a really large deposit.

Meaghan Elliott
I love her style and her prices are reasonable. I found her on the local resources section on the Knot.

RMN Photography
I love her straight-forward style and her prices are really, really good. Even if she charges travel fees (our wedding is 90 minutes north of DC, where she’s based) she’d still be cheaper than most Baltimore photographers.

Amanda Pappas
The least expensive of the bunch! I think she undercharges, as her work is a hundred times better than some photographers who charge twice as much!

And to end with something not wedding related: I had my appointment at the Aveda Institute today and I am so pleased. My hair looks gorgeous and it only cost $36. It does take longer since it’s a student working on you, but I will be back. There are several Institutes around the country, so check them out if you’re looking for a haircut, mani/pedi, massage, etc.!


2 Responses to “Further Photographers”

  1. 1 Shauna

    I believe we had the same photographer because I am now searching for a replacement as well, which is how I stumbled onto your blog! Good luck with your search. Perhaps we can keep in touch and compare notes? I haven’t gotten as far as you in my search but if I find someone awesome and affordable I will make sure to let you know. It is so tough to start over from scratch!

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      It’s looking like I’m going to go with Kate Headley. She is at the top of our budget, but I adore her work, so we’re probably going to splurge because her work is outstanding. You should check out the local resources on the Knot, Wedding Channel and request proposals from photographers on Weddingwire.com. The Baltimore board on the Knot is very helpful too. Good luck!

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