Why I love my mom & photographer update


I’ve mentioned before that dress shopping makes me a bit anxious since I am not a size 2 and squeezing myself into a small sample size is just a humiliation I really don’t want to imagine. I told my mom about a comment I read on Weddingbee about a mean salesgirl and a plus size bride, and she replied that if a sales girl dared be mean to me:

I would not stand by and let anyone give you a hard time. Trust me on that! I would knock them into next year. Do they not think people know what size they are? Thank you but keep your damn opinion to yourself! It is supposed to be a big day and some underpaid bitch ruins it? Not going to happen!

Obviously, I get my moxie from my mother, ladies and gentlemen.

In photographer news, I am very much leaning towards Kate Headley for our photographer. I cannot believe that a) she’s available on our date b) she does not charge an arm and a leg for her work and c) she is not going to charge us a travel fee to shoot our wedding, since it’s about a 90 minute drive from DC. Every other DC photographer I’ve contacted tacked on a travel fee.

We’re going to meet up next week. I will hold off celebrating until we sign the contract (as my last photographer announced she was pregnant right before then), but I think that this is a good thing and if it all goes as planned, we are going to have some really freaking phenomenal wedding photos!


2 Responses to “Why I love my mom & photographer update”

  1. Hi! When’s your big day? I’m a plus size bride in the DC area with an October 2009 wedding on a major budget. We should swap stories 🙂

    I’m dreading wedding dress shopping as well. You are lucky that your mom is so supportive though. Every shopping trip I’ve taken with my mom since puberty has been miserable. It’s always “Oh that would look great on you if you lost 20 pounds!” or “Bigger girls like you can’t wear XYZ style”, etc, etc. But of course, it would totally hurt her feelings if I went dress shopping without her.

    Okay rant/pity party over.

    P.S. SO jealous that you booked Kate Headley. I LOVE her work!

    • 2 budgetbeautiful

      My wedding is November 14th. I live in DC, but we’re getting married in Harford County, Maryland. My mother and I have totally different styles (she looked like the Italian Princess she is on her wedding day) so while she didn’t love all the styles I tried on, my size never played a part in what she had to say. Mainly because she knows me and I won’t tolerate it. :p

      I haven’t booked Kate YET, but she’s holding my date for me and it will hopefully be official pretty soon. I’m really excited! I was really expecting her prices to be over our budget, and I think after this year she probably will raise them!

      I will add your blog to my reader, I always love reading what DC/Baltimore brides are getting up to!

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