The day after the freak-out


Last night I discussed wedding plans with my fiancé and my parents. They’ve all said that whatever I decide to do is fine by them. I almost wish for a difficult family to help make this choice easier.

We will have a wedding. It will likely be at our original venue, and perhaps even on the original date, just a day-time lunch reception instead of a wedding and reception later at night. I contacted them to see what their availability is for our date and for other dates in October and November. If we move it up to October, it may be more difficult to find vendors as it’s a more popular wedding month, but at this point I don’t care. By having a lunch reception, we should easily save $500 or more. Most of our guests won’t drink alcohol at all, so that cuts those costs back too.

If our venue won’t work things out with us, then we will cut our losses and likely have a small reception at some point in the summer. I guess my freak-out couldn’t come at a better time, because if we do have to cut our losses at this point, we’d only lose about $750 for the venue, and that’s only if our date doesn’t get rebooked. If it does, we’ll get our deposit back.

I’m also considering getting a dress from the David’s Bridal online collection. They have a lot of really cute dresses starting at $99. I’m going to hold off picking vendors and making other choices until we settle this. I’m hoping to hear back from the venue this week and go forward from there.

I knew my overly practical self would win out over my wedding obsessed self eventually. I think after making some decisions I will be able to enjoy wedding planning more and not get so hooked into feeling that I HAVE to do certain things or my wedding will be crap.


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