Feelin’ fine


I’m feeling much better today. We have officially moved our date to September 26th. New contract went out today. W’hoo! Here are a few reasons I’m excited that we changed our date.

-I have less time to change my mind about elements of the wedding.
-We are now having an afternoon reception, meaning we are serving lunch and a lot less booze, so this saves us money.
-The weather will be better, so we can get married outside unless it rains. September can be iffy, so if it does rain, we’ll have the wedding inside as originally planned, no big deal.
-Since we’re having an afternoon wedding, there is better chance that people will be able to find our location, since it is at the dead end of a suburban street. You would never imagine a large grand house like that next to a 1960 rancher house.
-We can have lunch with all of our guests, and dinner with our immediate family and bridal party. My fiancé’s family agreed to pay for a rehearsal dinner. Now I’m not even sure if we’ll do a rehearsal, so I am going to ask them if instead they’ll sponsor dinner for us and our immediate friends and family at a local restaurant that night.
-Instead of coming home from our honeymoon and being in the midst of the holiday season, we have a couple months to get our thank you cards and Christmas cards out.
-I can get started right now on projects, the first being our save the dates, which I am thrilled about!

So, all in all, the freak-out worked to my advantage. I’d wanted a September wedding in the first place, so I’m glad this is what we ended up with, and I made the changes before anyone had booked any airfare and/or hotel rooms. Blogging will return to normal as I start looking for inspiration for our afternoon wedding.


2 Responses to “Feelin’ fine”

  1. 1 mariko

    Congratulations!! It sounds like it all worked out for the best, and I’m glad that you and your fiance had such great support from your close family while making these decisions. I’m so happy to hear you’re once again happy about your plans!

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