Budget Honeymoon


I have had several ideas for our honeymoon, going back to before we were engaged. Our first idea was to spend a week at a Sandals (or similar) resort. I liked the idea of lying on the beach for a week and not doing much. I liked it until I realized just how much it would cost.

I will say that we are planning to go on a lengthy trip to Europe around our 1st anniversary, so this is why our honeymoon budget is not what some people’s are. We can’t afford to the trip AND a wedding, so we figured a shorter, domestic honeymoon would be the way to go.

My next idea was to go to Disneyworld and then a Disney cruise. I still really wish this idea was going to work, but unfortunately it’s not going to happen. Disney is flexible with letting you pay for things as you go, but the cost would be way over our budget, so we will not be Disneymooning, unfortunately.

My last idea was to have a brief honeymoon in Las Vegas. The boy has never been, and I only had a brief stay seven years ago. I really liked it, which surprised me as I don’t gamble, but there is so much to do there that you don’t have to. My future in-laws have agreed to help us with our honeymoon, and since we moved up the date, I figured now was as good a time as any to start researching. I was pleased with what I found. We would fly out of Dulles International on Southwest. No one can match their prices. Unfortunately I don’t have a true idea of exactly how much that will cost since they are not currently booking that far in advance, but based on what’s available now, it’s about $800 for the flights and we’re looking to stay at Mandalay Bay, and my quick searches have made that to be another $900, so we’re looking at less than $2,000 for flights and lodging if there is not a huge price increase. You also have to factor in food and shows, so that’s at least another $1,000 there.

This is about $2,000 cheaper than a Disney cruise and about $4,000 cheaper than the Sandals vacation we priced out. Still not dirt cheap, but better than what we were looking at. I am still not convinced, and this is mainly because I’m not exactly sure how much the in-laws are going to help us with. Our back-up plan if prices increase is a short trip to New York. I like to go to New York at least once a year and I didn’t go at all last year. The boy has only been once, so this would also be a fun honeymoon. I’m not really concerned where we go, as I know we’ll have fun together and it will be good to unwind after the stress that we’ll endure in the weeks leading up to the wedding.


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